Rates, Costs and Packages

Rates, Cost and Packages

Rates, Costs and Packages

Our hourly rate is R350.00

But different rates, costs and packages are available. You can choose from the following packages:

  • 15 Hours per month @ R5,250.00 (R350.00 per hour)
  • 25 Hours per month @ R8,500.00 (R340.00 per hour)
  • 35 Hours per month @ R11,550.00 (R330.00 per hour)
  • 40 Hours per month @ R12,800.00 (R320.00 per hour)

Or we can discussed a special package at a special rate for you.

Social Media Marketing
  • 5 Days a week marketing on Facebook – Monthly rate – R1500.00
    • 5 Different groups per day. 
    • Advertising on Facebook Marketplace.
    • Respond to Facebook inquiries and notify you of the contacts made.
  • Saturdays & Sundays @ R350.00 per hour additional.
  • Facebook Campaigns @ R350.00 per hour additional. (Excluding campaign cost as agreed upon).
  • Manage your Business/Marketing Facebook Account @ R350.00 per hour additional.
    • Number of hours per month will be dependent upon your budget and agreement.

Visit our Services Page and decide what services you need.

Please refer to our Disclaimer.

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